Highland War
August 28th - September 1st 2014

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  Thank you to all of those who have attended, participated and volunteered to ensure we have had a successful event at every Highland War!!!

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War planning for 2014 has begun, and those who are interested in helping enhance the event through volunteering or sponsorship please contact: 

  • Event stewards: Dame Teka Turmanov, Baroness Muirenn ingen meic Martain & TH Lady Elinor Assheycombe:
  • Merchant Steward: Dame Teka Turmanov:  

  • Classes Steward:

  • TH Lady Miriam Shadewehauke:  
  • Brewing Competition: Master Donal O'Brien:  

As the sun sets on the Tyrrhenian Sea, pillars of smoke and ash rise up from the nearby villages and towns. 
Throughout the night the cries of defenseless men and women can be heard as camp fires set the land ablaze like the flow of lava from Mt. Vesuvius. 
Just before dawn, an uneasy calm creeps upon the city as the choking smoke from the carnage begins to hover above the city walls. 
The sun begins to peak over the Apennines just as the bells throughout the city begin to ring out, warning the people of an imminent attack. 

The Visigoths are at the gates of ROME! Will you join the Emperor’s forces to defend Rome, or will you take part in its destruction? 
The shire of al Sahid invite those near and far to come enjoy Highland War XXII over the Labor Day weekend in the city of Victorville. Camping is on grass! Schedule of events to include classes, Youth Activities, Tournaments, Archery, Thrown Weapons, hound coursing, Rapier melees, and of course armored combat scenarios. 
Brewers bring your finest creations to compete in our annual brewing competition on Saturday morning. 

Court will be on Sunday afternoon/evening, and we cap the entire event off with a single sword armored combat torchlight tourney Sunday evening. 

Site Fees:

(Family Cap of $75 (Excludes non-member fees))

Camping & Daytripping Fees 


At Gate DayTripping
Adults 18 and over $30 $10
Minors 13 to 17 $15 $5
Minors 12 and under Free
Non-Member Fee Add $5.00 to the above fees

Site Information

Directions | Site Rules


Site Location: Schmidt Park , 13576 Mustang Road , Victorville , CA 92395 

Site Opens:
8/28/2014, 3:00 PM 
Site Closes:
9/1/2014, 12:00 PM

Take your favorite route to I- 15. Take the I-15 to the north side of Victorville. Take D Street exit, at the bottom of the ramp, turn left (North) onto National Trails Hwy, (also called D street). At the first traffic signal after the I-15 ramps (aprprox 1 ¾ miles), turn left (west) on Air Expressway. Approx 3 miles, then turn right onto Phantom West, into Southern California Logistics Airport (old George AFB). Turn right on Aerospace Dr. Follow the bend left onto starfighter. The park and Gate will be on the right. Please stop by gate before unloading. 

Site Rules

RV Parking
There are no electrical, water or sewer hookups for RV's. If you are self-contained, however, something might be worked out. Contact one of the event stewards.

Highland War is a drug free zone, law enforcement officials may be called without prior notice to the camp. State and Federal laws are in effect at all times.

Site rules
1. Please be in garb onsite, with the exception of setup and breakdown.

2. No driving on the grass. 

3. Park vehicles in the parking lot. You may unload at the curb around the park, but then please relocate your car to the parking lot. 

4. We have two wagons at troll for use in transporting from the curb to your campsite. Please return these to troll as soon as you are finished with them.

5. Fires are allowed only in portable fire pits elevated 15” off the ground. We are camping on grass that is used by the city recreation department, so if you need a heat shield elevated off the grass to prevent scorching of the grass, you need to provide it. 

6. Open flames must be attended at all times. (This includes “tiki torches”.) Fire extinguishers are required at all camps with open flame and need to be in plain sight, visible to the fire watch. 

7. Any music electronically produced (i.e. boom boxes, car radios, etc.) must be appropriate for a SCA event, and at a volume level so as not to annoy others. If we get complaints, you will be asked to shut it down.

8. Quiet time is midnight.

9. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

10. Showers are open across the street at the gym during public hours on Saturday, and other times as posted.

11. Do not dump ashes into the trash dumpsters. A few ash cans are available for that purpose.

12. Please keep alcoholic beverage containers out of sight. Use your goblets, tankards, mugs, etc. We are the first to have permission for alcohol at a park in the City, but they aren’t totally comfortable with that, and we want to keep the alcohol visibility at a minimum. For that matter, keeping soda cans out of sight isn’t a bad idea anyway.

13. Site opens 3 PM August 28, 2014. Schmidt Park closes Noon, September 1, 2014. BE OFF THE GRASS BY NOON... THE SPRINKLERS WILL BE COMING ON AT THAT TIME!

14. Straw bales: Do not cut or destroy the straw bales. They’re rented.

15. Children under the age of 5 must be attended at all times.

Directions | Site Rules




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